ARKOD INNOVATION is a young innovative enterprise whose activity is dedicated to research, to patenting inventions and to commercialization of patented invention that have resulted from various types of research.  At the heart of our strategy, innovation is vital to create added value and to be competitive, whatever the project. We constantly innovate with our partners  on the whole value chain  in order to provide sustainable solutions to all our stakeholders, from both a technological and a societal perspective. Knowing that only research and innovation of pionneers companies can address the challenges posed by ecological change, ARKOD INNOVATION has decided to think of new uses, to improve the performance of materials and implements, ensure security, optimize time, reduce our impacts on the environment… All of our R&D projects share a common  goal : contribute to the building of more environmentally friendly modes of urban mobility.


Our activities


An economically justified project be harmful to the environment? This problem is at the heart of our concern

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Our missions guarantee a perfect analysis, adapted to the characteristics and energy and environmental performances required for the new constructions.

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The SHANGO project is an R & D project whose aim is the development of innovative mobility technologies and uses.

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